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Steel round bar
June 20, 2022
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S45C steel round bar
June 20, 2022

Forged Steel Big Round Bar

Forged Steel Big Round Bar 4140 4340 4130 42CrMo4 It will be Packed in Fumigated Wooden Cases or Pallets in accordance with ISPM 15.


Detailed information

Forged Steel Big Round Bar 4140 4340 4130 42CrMo4 40nicrmo22


Parts Range

Market Served

4140 4340 4130 round bar Construction machinery parts,oilfield petroleum parts, engine parts, marine parts, Spare Parts for Mining Machinery,Coal Mine Drill, Forklift, Agricultural machinery, Railway and train,Excavator,Hydraulic Field Parts,Shipbuilding parts,Pump spare parts,Industrial Machines,Grinding,Roller Press Industry
Steel Treatment Forging,Q+T(Quenching+Tempering),Solution treatment,Heat treatment
Forging Technique Forging,open die forging,free forging,ring forging,hot rolling.
Machining Service Rough machining,Precision machining,Milling,Rolling,Hole Drilling,Stamping
Equipment: CNC Machining Centres
Material: Carbon steel,Alloy steel,stainless steel
Surface treatment: Heat Treatment, Oxide coating, plating, finishing, painting,galvanized,plated chrome
Application: Oil and gas, Oilfield, Petrochemcial, Engineering Construction Machinery,Equipment
Chrome thickness: 20~30micron
Max Length of shafting 10000mm
Max Weight of Forgings 8000-10000kg
Max OD of Ring 2000mm
Roughness: Ra 0.2micron (max)
Torque Capacity: 6000N
Yield Strength: ≥320 Mpa
Tensile Strength: ≥580 Mpa
Elongation: ≥ 15%


PRODUCTION PROCESS Ingot→heat → forging → Heat treatment (Normalizing+ tempering) → Inspection
→rough machining→UT →2nd Heat treatment →finishing machining →Inspection OEM Ste

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